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Our Commitment To You

You can expect the following commitments from us as part of our "fixed fee service"

  1. Monthly statement promptly emailed to your preferred email address identifying gross income, expenses categorised and when your tenant is paid up till.
  2. You will receive a detailed end of financial year statement within the first week of July ready for your tax advisor.
  3. Quarterly inspections of your property to regularly monitor care and maintenance. Your electronic report will detail our findings room by room, including photos where necessary so you know exactly how things are going.
  4. Any maintenance issues will be carefully assessed and acted on when necessary engaging reputable tradesmen such as Dean Kenway himself.
  5. Your prospective tenants will be thoroughly screened utilising various data bases and tested methods so we can afford to stand by our promise NOT to charge you any extra fees to attend tribunal court hearings.
  6. Maintaining regular income to your bank account is important to us so we monitor the statistics of our sophisticated software system each week day in order to keep an eye on this. Legally correct steps are followed to the letter if arrears occur so we can swiftly and efficiently act to minimise or eliminate losses on your behalf. To date, Kenway Properties have not had a single tenant fall into arrears, mainly due to the comprehensive screening and selection process.
  7. We'll respond to your correspondence within a business day
  8. We'll ensure statutory requirements such as arranging for inspections of smoke alarms are carried out regularly and on time.
  9. Kenway Properties has a handyman on staff and in location who commits to provide advice and an initial assessment to save you, the owner money on call-outs, simple repairs and ensure all quoting is reliable and cost-effective.

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Our Commitment

We offer a unique property management service based on personal care and experience. Our commitment is to protect your investment as if it were our own. - Dean and Kerrie Kenway.

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